Single kayak rental

Renting a single kayak is a popular activity that allows you to explore rivers, lakes and coasts in a fun and active way. The rental allows you to steer the kayak yourself and explore the waters at your own pace. You can get away from the crowds on the beach and find quiet places to enjoy nature. Sailing with a single kayak gives you the opportunity to get closer to nature and the environment. You can observe the diversity of flora and fauna, enjoy views of the coast and breathe fresh air while paddling. Single kayaking is also an excellent physical activity that involves paddling and working on muscle strength. Active rowing burns calories, strengthens upper body muscles and improves cardiovascular health. Enjoy the peace and quiet while rowing on the water and take the opportunity to connect with nature and yourself! The best route to explore the water by kayak is the on among the coast of Rt Kamenjak, or the one where you are visiting the caves.

Except for single kayak, you can also rent a double kayak, or a transparent kayak.

With the kayak rental, you also get a vest, a comfortable seat and a special map of Cape Kamenjak.

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