Double kayak rental

Relax your mind with a slightly more special day at sea. Bring your better half, a friend or a family member and explore all the beauty of the nature that surrounds you. Enjoy the sun and the sounds of the waves with a kayak rental for two people, for the whole day or for 4 hours. A double kayak rental is a great way to enjoy exploring waterways, lakes or coasts together with a friend, partner or family. A double kayak allows you to row together with another person. This joint activity helps to create team spirit through managing the kayak together. Enjoy paddling, exploring and having a shared experience on the water! The best route to explore the water by kayak is the on among the coast of Rt Kamenjak, or the one where you are visiting the caves.

Except for double kayak, it is also possible to rent out a single kayak, or a transparent one.

With the kayak rental you get a vest, a comfortable seat and a special map of Cape Kamenjak.

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